Practicing Wado Ryu Karate since 1988
Practicing Wado Ryu Karate since 1988
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British Wado-Ryu Karate Union

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  • Ian Lumsden (Monday, March 13 17 12:07 pm GMT)

    Great Kata training on Sunday, with Bunkai explanation.

  • Ian Lumsden (Tuesday, February 28 17 12:46 pm GMT)

    Great training on Sunday, I had a ripping time so to speak. Very enjoyable.

  • Steve Readman (Thursday, October 27 16 09:29 am BST)

    In life, we all pass through milestones on our journey. In Karate we Start as a white belt and have our different coloured belts and learnings to mark our path in the endeavour to reach our own goals. One milestone for me recently has been of a slightly different theme but one I wanted to share....I have just renewed my license and for the first time since I started training with Sensei Andrew and the BWKU, this was not processed by Margaret Genery. Margaret always gave a smile and said she would "knock a bit off" the cost and even though she probably didn't, she had the lovely knack of making you feel a bit special. We shouldn't forget those moments....they are what life is all about.

  • Steve Readman (Monday, October 17 16 01:27 pm BST)

    Just a polite note to thanks Sensei Andrew for an excellent Kata session yesterday. Personally I learned some things that although on their own were small, it's by putting all the marginal gains
    together that make a big improvement to any technique or Kata. Just getting to grips with the new ending for Tai-Shin now.

  • Steve Readman (Wednesday, September 14 16 07:31 am BST)

    We are settled into our "new" Dojo now and it's going well. Training last night was excellent and left me going home feeling like's all in the hips!! It's sessions like last night that
    demonstrate where the smallest of movements can have so much effect that make me realise why I love Wado so much. Having an excellent Sensei who fully understands what he is teaching is also a great
    benefit to a lowly student like me.

  • Steve Readman (Wednesday, September 07 16 02:01 pm BST)

    Well, we have been back at the old Dojo for a couple of weeks now and we are settling okay. Training is still to the same excellent standard so as long as we have the structure, we can train
    anywhere. During the breaks in training, I find myself thinking about the days gone by and some of the BWKU national competitions we held here and some of the old students that attended and made the
    day into an event. There have been some good times and hopefully, like the training, they will continue.

  • Steve Readman (Tuesday, August 30 16 08:18 am BST)

    We are moving back to an old Dojo for training on Tuesday's with the first class tonight - funny how things seem to round in circles.

  • Andrew Genery (Wednesday, August 17 16 10:32 am BST)

    Good training session last after a short summer break.
    More to come this week.

  • Nathan Doney (Wednesday, August 17 16 09:52 am BST)

    Great session last night at BWKU in Suffolk. Focus mitt work in pairs to continue a warm up - loosening the legs and arms. Some heavy pad kicks thrown in and a bleep test on 'Surikomi uraken,
    mawashigeri, Retreat, Surikomi maegeri, Retreat, Surikomi Ura mawashigeri, Retreat, Change stance'. Some great effort by all.

  • Steve Readman (Tuesday, August 16 16 09:33 am BST)

    Looking forward to training tonight although it's going to be a hot one!

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